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About Us

We are an Executive education, training and consulting services company.

Since our origins in 2007, we have supported over 1,000 executives, professionals, senior managers, and c- suite executives to accomplish their professional, development and career goals. We have also worked with many corporate organisations to optimise, reinforce, and overhaul their business processes by equipping them with modern management tools and techniques that have helped them to continuously redefine the basis for sustaining competitive advantage. We have supported them to optimise operational efficiency, to redesign business value proposition and to establish strong linkages across the components of their value chains and value systems.

EDC is equally well positioned to help your organisation identify your near and long term needs and how to attain them by repositioning your product or service delivery strategy with greater effectiveness notwithstanding the red ocean of ferocious competition and unrelenting innovation.

Training and continuous training is good for the workforce and beneficial to the organisation. Are you a small to medium or large organisation? Are you looking at honing the professional skills of your workforce for greater effectiveness and better productivity? Our extensive range of training programmes may help you to unlock that access. From our pool of experienced faculty of professionals onshore and offshore, we can assist you and your team to quickly reach the mileage that you need to navigate your industry’s ecosystem better than you currently are and to achieve superior results.

Our Mission

To provide access to education, training and professional development for executives and their organisations in the field of business and management.

Our Vision

To become the foremost go-to centre for all-round executive development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Core Values

We uphold the highest degree of professionalism and benchmark the delivery of all our services with global best practices.

We are a continuously learning organisation. Our team learning spirit and genuine thinking together enables our continuous innovation and creativity as an organisation.

Our quest for distinctiveness and creativity are the core objectives that we uphold as our watchword.

We strive to deliver our services in a prompt, efficient and agile manner.

We relish the continuous opportunity to provide top-notch services to all our esteemed clientele.

Our staying power enables us to stand firm by our principles and by extension remain steadfast with and supportive of our clients.

Our Strategic Partners

We are involved in a number of cross-border strategic alliances and partnerships with a few world- class academic, training, professional development and consulting services institutions with whom we jointly provide our clients with leading-edge development opportunities covering a wide-range of areas including online executive education, diverse training programmes, professional certifications in strategic management, performance management systems training, edutourism, immigration advisory, strategy consulting, business consulting, management consulting, and so forth. We leverage our international network and bring our clients face to face with world-class mentoring, training and international opportunities through which they continue to stand out from the crowd.

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