Executive Development Centre (EDC) is an education, training and consulting services company. Since our origins in 2007, we have helped hundreds of private executives and corporate clients accomplish their professional and career goals by overhauling their processes, equipping them with tools that help redefine the basis for attaining and sustaining competitive advantage, upscale their systems, enrich their content and strengthen the linkages across a wide range of activities and components of their value chain. Executive Development Centre (EDC) is well positioned to help your organization or group identify your peculiar training needs that will propel your services well ahead of competition and rise above the chaos all around. Training and continuous training is good for the organization and good for the employees.

Are you a small to medium or large organization looking at honing the professionalism of your workforce for greater effectiveness and better productivity, one of our extensive range of training programmes may just hold the key to unlocking that access. From our pool of experienced and expert faculty of professionals onshore and offshore, we can equip you with the right tools and techniques that you need to navigate your industrial territory much better than you currently are and achieve superior results than your competitors. We currently support hundreds of executives across a wide-range of services tailored to meet their needs.


We are involved in a number of cross-border strategic alliances and partnerships with world-renowned education, training and consulting institutions from whom we receive triangulated support, leading-edge learning and world-class mentoring, through which we continuously stand out and apart from the crowded and chaotic ecosystem of business management and enabling us to provide innovative professional services to our esteemed clientele in our areas of expertise.

Our collaborative team comprises a rich blend of professionals with robust national and international experience and through them we deliver top-notch professional services to our esteemed clientele throughout Nigeria and beyond. Together with our clients’ involvement in every step of our design and cultivation of their business process model, we create and co-create a proactive strategic architecture with strong values that are able to withstand the disruptive nature of 21st century competitiveness.




We uphold the highest degree of professionalism and benchmark the delivery of all our services with global best practices


We strive to deliver our services in a prompt, efficient and agile manner


We are a continuously learning organisation. Our team learning spirit and genuine thinking together enables our continuous innovation and creativity as an organisation.


We relish the continuous opportunity to provide top-notch services to all our esteemed clientele


Our quest for distinctiveness and creativity are the core objectives that we uphold as our watchword.


Our staying power enables us to stand firm by our principles and by extension remain steadfast with and supportive of our clients