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Our consulting team is experienced at developing solutions that can bring your organization, its processes and people out of a culture of doing things the ‘only way’ (Bureaucracy)  to doing things the ‘novel way’ (Innovation).

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Business Consulting

Does your business now sound like a broken record before your clients and customers?

Have you struggled to pivot your business model especially in the face of the injuries inflicted on businesses worldwide by the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic? Is the new normal just another normal phase that you think will soon die naturally? Covid-19 is the mother of all disruptions and many casualties have emerged or are still emerging. Businesses no longer have the luxury of time to engage in endless planning and meaningless meetings when the external environment is shifting by the minute. Business objectives are driven by daily key results born out of continuous consumption of the right dose of business capsules through continuous exploitation of current capabilities and exploration of future possibilities of every organisation irrespective of age, life cycle stage or size. Our business consulting team is ready to draw near and conduct a stress test for your business model today. We are ready when you are ready.

Management Consulting

Is your top management stuck in the middle of dwindling performance in the face of VUCA realities?

Perhaps the bottleneck right near the top of your management bottle needs to expand and enter the reset mode. Guess what? We can carry out a panoramic view of your organisation’s managerial architecture and our searchlight may reveal where the problem lies in-situ. Our team is adept at helping senior management who perhaps can’t see the woods for the trees, to step back and observe their firms at a distance. An email or a phone call from you is all it takes to open a conversation with us. We will relish the opportunity to dive deep into your management zone so we can revisit your strategic intent, analyse the issues, diagnose the problems and recommend new solution options that management may start to pursue.

Strategy Consulting

If despite your organisation’s supposed carefully curated strategy, that things are falling apart and the centre is merely hanging on, this may be indicative of a strategy in need of an urgent makeover.

Strategy questions do not lend themselves to logical or binary answers. While you may be receiving answers to questions around your strategy, they may be the wrong answers and you might just be deploying the wrong solutions. The next likely event might be an implosion and the often-desired last-minute miracle may be light years away when the centre crumbles. Are you currently tinkering with your organisation’s strategy and the puzzle gets more complex by the day? Perhaps it is time you backed off and allow an independent, unbiased and highly skilled set of eyes to use a new lens to view your strategy past, present and possibly the future one that you have elegantly crafted. Our strategy consulting team would like to peruse your strategy issues a la carte. Kindly contact us today to find out how we can help.

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