Zainab Ummita Babangida’s Testimonial

Zainab Ummita Babangida

MSc Financial Management with distinction

After my first degree, I contemplated between a Masters degree or a professional qualification. Having studied Finance and Accounting, I decided to go for ACCA. The plan was to immediately get a Masters degree; but life happened. In between starting a family and building my career time flew past me.   I almost started an MBA program with another University when I stumbled across Herriot-Watt University (thanks to pointless quiz show!s). The flexibility and affordability of the programs was what attracted me, coupled with the presence of EDC as a learning partner here in Nigeria.   With the support of the staff at EDC, coupled with dedication and determination, I was able to complete the MSc Financial Management program in just 10 months. It took a lot of hard work but it was worth it. Thank you Mr Ay and your fantastic faculty and support staff. Those courses that seemed complex were truly demystified.   My experience at Edinburgh Business School was truly an amazing one. Each course was well structured and this has greatly enhanced my knowledge base. Currently studying for the CFA exams, the knowledge I have gained from the various courses are definitely invaluable. Attending an on-campus seminar in Edinburgh also gave me the opportunity to network with other students and exchange ideas and experiences.   I am proud to be a graduate of the prestigious Heriot-Watt University. I would definitely recommend Heriot-Watt University to anyone wishing to further their studies while still having their job.