MBA with a Specialism in Finance (with distinction)

“ My experience at Edinburgh Business School was a challenging and interesting one. What I appreciated most was the flexibility in scheduling the courses and exams required for your desired program. This also made financing the program much easier.

I studied MBA with specialism in Finance and was able to accomplish this within 18 months from February 2011. While it wasn’t easy studying the specialised finance courses on my own, the EBS learning partner in Nigeria, Executive Development Centre was of great help in my other core courses, considering that I could not cover some of the texts on my own. I had to balance the program with work and family.

Whatever is discussed in a learning group sticks better than what you read alone and one is able to share ideas with other professionals, gain insight from their diverse views and solve problems together.

The quality of the courses is also high and the examinations are very practical in nature. It is easy to apply the concepts to your various activities at work and in your business.

The MBA really enhanced my reasoning capabilities and performance in my work. It enhanced my ability to think strategically.

I have recommended EBS to several people and will do so again and again. ”