MBA with a Specialism in Strategic Planning

Choosing Edinburgh Business School to study for my MBA was one of my best decisions yet. The convenience and ease of the programme which fitted well with my tight schedule was important to me.

The quality of the EBS course materials including past questions and answers (Professor and selected student answers) and other support forums like watercooler were very useful and provided insightful knowledge relevant to today’s business leader.

The EBS exams are also thorough, unpredictable and wide ranging. Studying at EBS can be quite stressful in terms of the volume of materials to cover and complexity of the content.

The support provided by Executive Development Centre however proved useful in breaking down and demystifying the complex areas of each course.

Attending the on-campus seminar also gave me a first-hand experience and opportunity to meet some of the faculty of Edinburgh Business School at the University’s beautiful campus in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Overall, the programme is worth the stress, time and money committed into it.