Chibuzor Nwadu’s Testimonial

Chibuzor Nwadu

MBA with specialism in Strategic Planning

I had deliberated for so long to start my MBA but kept postponing. Eventually, I made up my mind and paid for my first course. My baby was just 6months old when I wrote my first exam. This just goes to show that anything is possible when you set your mind to it and of course with God’s grace. And so, I started my journey. Working full time, being a new mom, attending lectures weekends and weekday (after work) and studying after lectures was a whole lot to juggle at the time. But with the support structure (the “ever ready to assist” lecturers and our able Director of school- “Mr Ayo”) at EDC, it was almost a breeze. I say almost because one still had to put in the work. With their guidance I was to write (and pass with good grades) two papers on most occasion at once. This enabled me to finish the programme earlier than I had anticipated. Thank you EBS and EDC for making my MBA journey rewarding and a dream come true.