MBA with Specialism in Strategic Planning

I chose to study for my MBA with the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University because of the flexibility and convenience of studying at your own pace and also the testimonies from past students. When I started my program in 2008, I had the intention of finishing within two years and in order to achieve this goal, I hired teaching assistants to tutor me in Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Strategic planning and Making Strategies Work. I realized early on that their style of teaching did not align with the EBS syllabus. This discouraged me and I took a break.

In 2011, I printed out some EBS correspondence which my colleague saw and traced to me. We discussed about the program and after listening to my challenges, he excitedly informed me about the tutorial classes organized by the alumni club of EBS in Nigeria. I was glad I attended the sessions because it helped me understand the modules better and prepared me well for the exams more than I would have done on my own. This syndicate classes are exactly what you need to help with the MBA program especially when you have a very hectic work and family commitment as I do. They help you to demystify all the complex courses and make the practical applications of the concepts in organisations come alive.

I successfully completed my MBA with specialism in Strategic Planning in June 2013 and attended the Edinburgh graduation in June 2014.

The Edinburgh Business School MBA in Strategic Planning has equipped me with the right tools, competences and skills I need to effectively analyse, assess and resolve the day to day challenges I face on my job and in everyday life. I am confident that any future challenges or opportunities will afford me the chance to bring to bear these qualities even more.

I will certainly recommend EBS MBA to anyone seriously looking to advance their career.