Class of 2020



MBA with Specialism in Strategic Planning with Distinction
The thought of achieving a post-graduate qualification seemed like a major challenge for me due to my overwhelming job demands and family responsibilities. Then I learnt about Executive Development Centre (EDC) from a friend. EDC then introduced me to Edinburgh Business School’s portfolio of flexible distance learning programmes where I could start and finish my Masters degree at my own pace and pay per module! (more…)


At some point, I knew I had to take an MBA but I was so worried about finding the right school and program that would fit my already tight schedule. I was looking for a flexible program! I had lots of friends and colleagues who had done some MBA program or the other, some never finished, some eventually finished with horrible testimonies on how stressful their program was, how they didn't have time and how they had to re-sit courses just because they couldn't keep up with the demands of work, family and school. (more…)


MSc. Strategic Planning, Certified Strategic Planning Professional
My decision to enroll for the M.Sc Strategic Planning Programme at Edinburgh Business School was a masterstroke! The Strategy courses are all-encompassing, very practical and highly enlightening on techniques required to achieve competitive advantage in the business environment. The understanding and application of the Strategy Focus Wheel (Copyright Professor Alexander Roberts) was particularly exciting for me because it underscored the reason why a lot of businesses fail in their prime or struggle all their lives!  (more…)


MBA with a Specialism in Strategic Planning
Choosing Edinburgh Business School to study for my MBA was one of my best decisions yet. The convenience and ease of the programme which fitted well with my tight schedule was important to me. The quality of the EBS course materials including past questions and answers (Professor and selected student answers) and other support forums like watercooler were very useful and provided insightful knowledge relevant to today’s business leader. (more…)


Master of Business Administration
I needed a credible and affordable business and management higher degree from an reputable Business School that would give me time both for work and my social life and I found out about Edinburgh Business School, The Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The flexibility of the programme was immediately appealing and the international reputation of Heriot-Watt University further aided my decision to enroll on their very popular and successful MBA programme. (more…)


MBA with Specialism in Strategic Planning
I chose to study for my MBA with the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University because of the flexibility and convenience of studying at your own pace and also the testimonies from past students. When I started my program in 2008, I had the intention of finishing within two years and in order to achieve this goal, I hired teaching assistants to tutor me in Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Strategic planning and Making Strategies Work. I realized early on that their style of teaching did not align with the EBS syllabus. This discouraged me and I took a break. (more…)


MBA with a Specialism in Finance (with distinction)
“ My experience at Edinburgh Business School was a challenging and interesting one. What I appreciated most was the flexibility in scheduling the courses and exams required for your desired program. This also made financing the program much easier. I studied MBA with specialism in Finance and was able to accomplish this within 18 months from February 2011. While it wasn't easy studying the specialised finance courses on my own, the EBS learning partner in Nigeria, Executive Development Centre was of great help in my other core courses, considering that I could not cover some of the texts on my own. I had to balance the program with work and family. (more…)