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Remilekun Folasade Ogons

MBA with distinction
Never get stuck Lots of things attracted me to the Edinburgh Business School MBA program. I was tired of been in same position for too long and almost not fulfilled. I decided to return to class room and get advanced and recent knowledge as relates to my career. I got in touch with Executive Development Centre, representing EBS in Nigeria. From my first lecture – Organisational Behaviour to the course that changed my life Strategic Planning, my life was changed I got clear underrating of why business owners act the way they do, strategy that guides businesses. I got prompted at my work place, by applying my new acquired knowledge, I started my own business. It was a different experience from one module to another, the passion of the tutors is contagious and I know from that moment that I will never get stuck in life anymore, this had opened my eyes and my mind, I know there is no end to knowledge and I am just getting started.   Remilekun Folasade Ogons, MBA with distinction
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Zainab Ummita Babangida

MSc in Financial Management with distinction
After my first degree, I contemplated between a Masters degree or a professional qualification. Having studied Finance and Accounting, I decided to go for ACCA. The plan was to immediately get a Masters degree; but life happened. In between starting a family and building my career time flew past me.   I almost started an MBA program with another University when I stumbled across Herriot-Watt University (thanks to pointless quiz show!s). The flexibility and affordability of the programs was what attracted me, coupled with the presence of EDC as a learning partner here in Nigeria.   With the support of the staff at EDC, coupled with dedication and determination, I was able to complete the MSc Financial Management program in just 10 months. It took a lot of hard work but it was worth it. Thank you Mr Ay and your fantastic faculty and support staff. Those courses that seemed complex were truly demystified.   My experience at Edinburgh Business School was truly an amazing one. Each course was well structured and this has greatly enhanced my knowledge base. Currently studying for the CFA exams, the knowledge I have gained from the various courses are definitely invaluable. Attending an on-campus seminar in Edinburgh also gave me the opportunity to network with other students and exchange ideas and experiences.   I am proud to be a graduate of the prestigious Heriot-Watt University. I would definitely recommend Heriot-Watt University to anyone wishing to further their studies while still having their job.   Zainab Ummita Babangida MSc in Financial Management with distinction
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Ugochi Ekpe

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing school- Edinburgh Business School.   I was a little unsure when I started and the journey was rigorous, but it was made easier by our superb learning partner, the Executive Development Centre, Nigeria.   The flexibility of the lectures, awesome learning materials, videos and classes were totally cool. I am thrilled to have come this far, having juggled a full time job, part time business and school and to complete my program in record time.   I feel a lot more confident in my workplace and am already applying the knowledge and skills gained while at EBS to my daily tasks and deliverables.   Ugochi Ekpe,  MBA
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Obiageli Okolie

Getting started on the MBA programme with Edinburgh Business School could only have been an act of providence. I have always loved the art of learning and development, but had never really had the time since starting my career to embark on post graduate studies. Being a wife, mother, team lead in full time employment, to mention a few of my commitments, made it all the more daunting. Discovering EBS and the flexibility of its programmes has rewarded me with refreshed relevant knowledge, admittance to a wide network of professionals and a renewed desire to keep learning.   With each course I got exposed to, I realise that there is so much more to know. Undoubtedly, the knowledge gained from the study of Leadership, Organizational Behaviour and Strategic Planning has changed my perception, understanding and appreciation of people, organizations and company strategy.   Obiageli Okolie,  MBA
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Chibuzor Nwadu

MBA with specialism in Strategic Planning
I had deliberated for so long to start my MBA but kept postponing. Eventually, I made up my mind and paid for my first course. My baby was just 6months old when I wrote my first exam. This just goes to show that anything is possible when you set your mind to it and of course with God’s grace. And so I started my journey. Working full time, being a new mom, attending lectures weekends and weekday (after work) and studying after lectures was a whole lot to juggle at the time. But with the support structure (the “ever ready to assist” lecturers and our able Director of school- “Mr Ayo”) at EDC, it was almost a breeze. I say almost because one still had to put in the work. With their guidance I was to write (and pass with good grades) two papers on most occasion at once. This enabled me finish the programme earlier than I had anticipated. Thank you EBS and EDC for making my MBA journey rewarding and a dream come true.   Chibuzor Nwadu MBA with specialism in Strategic Planning


MBA with Specialism in Strategic Planning with Distinction
The thought of achieving a post-graduate qualification seemed like a major challenge for me due to my overwhelming job demands and family responsibilities. Then I learnt about Executive Development Centre (EDC) from a friend. EDC then introduced me to Edinburgh Business School’s portfolio of flexible distance learning programmes where I could start and finish my Masters degree at my own pace and pay per module! (more…)


At some point, I knew I had to take an MBA but I was so worried about finding the right school and program that would fit my already tight schedule. I was looking for a flexible program! I had lots of friends and colleagues who had done some MBA program or the other, some never finished, some eventually finished with horrible testimonies on how stressful their program was, how they didn't have time and how they had to re-sit courses just because they couldn't keep up with the demands of work, family and school. (more…)


MSc. Strategic Planning, Certified Strategic Planning Professional
My decision to enroll for the M.Sc Strategic Planning Programme at Edinburgh Business School was a masterstroke! The Strategy courses are all-encompassing, very practical and highly enlightening on techniques required to achieve competitive advantage in the business environment. The understanding and application of the Strategy Focus Wheel (Copyright Professor Alexander Roberts) was particularly exciting for me because it underscored the reason why a lot of businesses fail in their prime or struggle all their lives!  (more…)


MBA with a Specialism in Strategic Planning
Choosing Edinburgh Business School to study for my MBA was one of my best decisions yet. The convenience and ease of the programme which fitted well with my tight schedule was important to me. The quality of the EBS course materials including past questions and answers (Professor and selected student answers) and other support forums like watercooler were very useful and provided insightful knowledge relevant to today’s business leader. (more…)


Master of Business Administration
I needed a credible and affordable business and management higher degree from an reputable Business School that would give me time both for work and my social life and I found out about Edinburgh Business School, The Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The flexibility of the programme was immediately appealing and the international reputation of Heriot-Watt University further aided my decision to enroll on their very popular and successful MBA programme. (more…)