Global Management Consultants

Global Mission - The End in Mind

Global Management Consultants is a leading performance improvement consulting firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since 1997, Global has been designing and delivering “best in class” human resource services, unique training programs, human resources software and solutions and recruitment services and solutions.

Global Management Consultants’ unique and concentrated approach has been to focus on understanding their client’s business strategy & planning; thereby achieving results by aligning human resource development and business strategy in the corporate setting.

Business progression through people development & training has made Global Management Consultants sought-after business consultants internationally.

Global’s services include:

  • HR & Organizational Design & Development
  • People Design, Training & Development
  • Global Matchmakers
  • 360 Degree & Psychometrics

Some top course designed and facilitated by Global include:

  • Leadership in the New Economy
  • Moving to Customer Compliments
  • Social Intelligence with Language
  • Improving Cross-Cultural Relationships
  • Onesquaremile
  • MBGP – My Business Game Plan
  • When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time
  • Compass of Time Expanders
  • Joe – Jars of Emotion

To find about more about Global, please contact by email on [email protected] or visit