How long does it take to run the programme?

The duration is entirely up to you. You can take as long or as short as you are able to complete the programme.

Are there scholarship opportunities and if yes how can it be accessed?

The fees are already heavily discounted for African residents, as such no additional scholarships are currently available to distance learning students

What are the basic requirements needed to qualify for the program and what documents would be needed for submission to the school for to secure admission?

BSc in any discipline, Your degree certificate, International passport data page, transcripts,  completed form.

When is the next intake for students?

Enrolment is open all year round. You can come on-board at anytime

What are the chances of getting a job in either UK, Europe or Dubai after completion of the program, based on the ranking or profile of the school.

That’s entirely up to you to prove to any employer you apply to work for.  Your degree is recognised worldwide and an MBA may give you an edge in being able to apply for jobs that those without it cannot apply for. Ultimately you have to prove yourself to any potential employer.

From your experience,is the opportunity of getting a job same as the online version of the program and what is the difference in cost between the online arrangement and classroom program.

All graduates of Heriot-Watt University have the same rights and privileges and there is no discrimination in our certificates. Again,  you are in the driving seat as to how you advance your future journey after your MBA. in summary, an MBA is not a magic wand to securing a job but a combination of sound experience and requisite academic and professional training are all ingredients you need on the journey.

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