Edinburgh Business School (EBS)

Study with EBS. Wherever you are

Edinburgh Business School is the Graduate School of Business School at the world-renowned Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom.

Edinburgh Business School has its core foundation on a singular vision: to help their students fulfill their talents and reap the career rewards they deserve.

The EBS MBA/MSc/DBA programmes are innovative and are very popular worldwide and the unique flexibility built into the programmes has led to the impressive record of patronage they command amongst young, middle and senior level professionals and managers across 160 countries of the world. Since its launch in 1990, EBS has produced over 20,000 graduates and currently has over 10,000 active students from all over the world including Nigeria studying on one of their programmes.

Edinburgh Business School has been recognised for several years as one of the largest provider of distance learning MBA in the world (Financial Times top distance learning MBA listing).

You can commence the EBS programme of your choice at any time, study at your pace and from anywhere in the world and finish at any time, study on your own or with support from a local partner, study on campus, study part time or combine all study routes as you please.

EBS Programmes are predominantly self-managed, self-studied, distance learning and modular in structure.



Tuition Fees

The course fee is 790 pounds per course (special discounted fee for African residents)

The total course and exam fees for an MBA (9 courses) is 790 x 9 = 7,110 pounds.

If you decide to pursue a Specialist MBA (11 courses), then the total fees would be 790 x 11 = 8,690 pounds.

Payment is Pay As You Go (you pay on a module-by-module basis). This affords you the flexibility around payment and helps you better plan your finances.

Course & Exam Structure

In other to commence the MBA, ensure that you register your Courses. Each EBS courses are assessed by a final examination. Exams are held at the British council. If there is a change of venue, the necessary information will also be communicated to the respective students ahead of time. Each module has its peculiar exam structure; some modules are examined solely by case study methods, while some are a blend of case studies, multiple-choice questions as well as essay questions. The pass mark for each exam is 50%.

Exam Diets

Examination diets are April, August and December each year

Exam Time Table: Please click on this link to see the list of future examination time tables.

Exam Results

Exam Results are released between 6-8 weeks after the completion of an examination diet. Results are to be checked at on the student services portal of the Business School’s website.

On campus lectures and seminars

Distance Learning students are also welcome on campus to attend any of the on-campus 4-day seminars or on-campus 2-day revision sessions in a number of core MBA and selected elective courses upon payment of the appropriate fees.

Lectures and Tutorials at EDC

Students in Nigeria can also attend scheduled exam-intensive lectures and tutorials with EDC either in person in Lagos and Abuja or online via Zoom ahead of each examination diet. The timetable of lectures are released in advance of these sessions.