Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)

Think. Plan. Act.

EDC is proud of our pioneering partnership with the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP). The ASP is the only not-for-profit professional association dedicated to advancing thought and practice in strategy development and deployment for business, non-profit and government organizations. ASP provides opportunities to explore leading-edge strategic planning principles and practices that enhance organizational success and advance members’ and organizations’ knowledge, capability, capacity for innovation, as well as professionalism. ASP’s diverse membership base cuts across organizational leaders, strategy practitioners, business and management consultants as well as academics.

The ASP is the only body that provides reputable and globally acclaimed certifications in strategy. The body of knowledge uses the Lead-Think-Plan-Act model framework to administer the two levels of certifications namely:

  • Strategic Planning Professional (SPP)
  • Strategic Management Professional (SMP)

The purpose of the ASP Certification Program is to establish a high-level of quality and consistency within the strategic planning and management industry so that strategic planners and those responsible for developing and deploying strategy can assist organizations in meeting and exceeding the challenges of the 21st century. The Program is based on the ASP Standards, Competencies and Body of Knowledge Framework (BOK Framework) which was developed by leaders in the field of strategic planning and management to guide the certification of strategy professionals in the United States as well as internationally.


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